Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tracklist leaked: Nothing Was The Same

This tracklist leaking business is becoming a norm, It's actually confusing because since J.Cole's tracklist that leaked proved to be untrue, its hard to conclude any truths in these leaked tracklists

Drake's dad took to his Instagram and posted a picture which looks like a possible tracklist for his upcoming album since 2011's Take Care, which landed him a Grammy.
Tracklist looking FRESH though. Some of the illest producers and rappers are credited in this list. If this is indeed the real thing that we can expect HEAT! Jay-Z being on the album, on a Swizz Beatz beat, the picture that came out earlier of Jay-Z in studio with Drake could probably explain this. 

Trust the dude won't disappoint. This year will surely be filled with insane releases. 

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