Saturday, 1 June 2013

AKA, L-TIDO in Studio... Beef squashed.

AKA some time ago tweeted something about him and L-Tido working on a joint for his upcoming album, looks like all of that is true.

AKA is indeed a man of his word, the multi award winning rapper took to instagram, and posted a photo of himself and L-Tido posted up in the stu. L-Tido also through in a twitpic of the two rappers on their instruments. AKA fuxing with the drums while Tido handled the keyboard. I'm sure both rappers were posing for the picture and not really attempting murking the instruments, well AKA is a beat maker so chances that he can handle the keyboard are high.

Cant wait for the joint, we all want to hear who got murked and who has to redeem himself. 

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