Saturday, 1 June 2013

The #AllLoveAlbum drops!

Show Love spearheaded by Tibz, has been putting in work for the past couple of months. That work being the much anticipated All Love Album.

The album drops Monday 3 June 2013 via the latest issue of the HYPE magazine. The album is a child of Tibz' Show Love & Tumi's Motif Records. Both the G's executive produced the project. The #AllLoveAlbum features some of SA's craziest and illest wordsmiths, from Pro, Tumi, Ginger Bread Man, Reason, Proverb, and Zeus. There's been about 5 singles off the album that have been already made available during the past couple of months, the rest you'll get from the album.

Make sure you cop the very same minute it lands in stores, trust me this issue will fly off the shelves.  Tibz was right, the #AllLoveAlbum will send GOLD on its first day.

3 June 2013, we shall never forget.

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